6-1-1 SEC Schedule

This may be the only way to preserve current cross-divsion rivalries such as the UT-Bama and UGA-Auburn, but it sucks at the same time. Now it may take close to a decade for a team to visit each stadium. I have enjoyed the ability to see Florida or UGA roll into Tuscaloosa once every five years and those days are going away. The best case scenario would be for a nine-game schedule, but that wouldn’t be good for the teams unless the SEC Champion had a direct line into the National Championship game. The best of the SEC already has a tough enough road without having to face another quality opponent. But, it doesn’t mean that I will be happy about it. On the conspiracy side, this will allow Slive and his boys to modify the schedule to help soften the schedule for the teams that look like they have a shot at bringing home the crystal ball.



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