Pre-Season Magazine Weekend- The Three Essential Preview Mags

This is one of the weekends (outside of the fall of course) that I look forward to every year. It is the weekend that the pre-season magazines come out. I went down to the local Barnes&Noble to pay out the thirty dollars needed to purchase the three mags that I have deemed worthy of getting me ready for the season.These mags are not just with me for the summer months and they will be with me every weekend this fall no matter where I am.

The first guide I purchased is Phil Steele’s guide which is a must have for college football fans and addicted gamblers alike. It has more knowledge slammed into its pages then even the most serious college football fan could process in 12 months. It is a no frills, college football fan bible. You want to know who he thinks it going to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, Phil Steele predicts it. There is no stone unturned and it doubles as a personal protective device, if necessary. I question your super fandom if you don’t have it. Second, Athlon’s Southeastern Preview which is specifically gear towards the SEC and does not just have a different cover of the other parts of the country. It gives you some of the hype that people are going to be spewing out in August on ESPN , but you do not have to sift through all of the bull from other parts of the country. For example, I don’t want to hear about Michigan’s title or Denard Robinson’s Heisman hopes. They should feel lucky to make it out of the first game against Bama with most of their limbs in tact (see Bama/Mich Hype Vid). You don’t have to hear about the parts of College Football which are irrelevant. Lastly, I grab the Lindy’s College Football Preview. Lindy’s isn’t anything that special and if I was going to drop one it would be this one, but I do enjoy it. For nothing else, it provides another in-depth perspective. These mags are worth it for the true college football fan because they give you a depth of knowledge and varied perspectives on what we are going to see in the fall. Of course, there are always players and teams that emerge on the scene that were not expected to do much, but that is part of the beauty of college football.

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