NCAA should let players license their own name

Everyone talks about how the NCAA and schools can make the system more fair to the players. Spurrier has come out and said that we should be paying players in revenue producing sports about 4,000 dollars in walk around money per year. I say that is a good start, but I think that players should also be able to license their name on all officially licensed school merchandise. Why just sell the #3 jerseys, when you could put “Richardson” across the back without having to worry about violating NCAA rules? If people are so worried about players taking money on the side they need to give the players, who are basically full-time employees, some money. If players were able to get money from  legitimate sources without having to dirty their hands, they are going to stay cleaner. The reality of their situation is even if they want to get a job, they wouldn’t be able to because of the demanding schedule laid on by coaches. Most of the time a couple thousand of dollars is all a player wants or needs, I mean it is college after all. This will help players with the temptation of taking money from shady agents and boosters. There will still be your Reggie Bushs’ of the world, but I think the players on the fence will be brought into the legitimate fold by this proposed system. In fact, I would go as so far as giving each varsity athlete on scholarship teams a cut of the revenue from all sports related merchandising (Non-Personalized Gear). Obviously, swimmers don’t contribute as much to the pot as football players, but this will give access to money to all student-athletes while they are working to increase the prestige and profile of the university.

In the plan I have outlined their are essentially three tiers of scholarship athletes

1. Stars

Name Brand Players with personalized jerseys and shirts. They will get cash from personalized gear, 4K from being on a revenue producing sport, and from the non-personalized merchandise.

2. Male Football and Basketball Players

Players who put on the jersey for the most popular teams on campus. They will get 4k from being on a revenue producing sport and from the non-personaalized merchandise.

3. Scholarship Athletes (Male and Female)

Players who play sports for a DI school. They will only get money from non-personalized merchandise. This might be only a couple hundred bucks a year, but give a college student a couple hundred bucks and they are throwing a party.

This is the most equitable way to solve the problem. I call this issue the CWebb issue (no, not the timeout thing). The reason that he said he was going pro was being the Michigan student store was selling his #4 Jersey (w/o his name on it) for $60 dollars and he barely had enough money to eat in his pocket. Now, we did find out later on that he was on the take, but I don’t blame him. I don’t blame any of the athletes unless it is point shaving. The system right now is not fair. I don’t think that they should be paid too much above their scholarship and board, but they do need something. I have been to Tuscaloosa on gamedays and I know that the Bama football players bring home more than their share of the pie. They should be fairly compensated for their services and to me that means a little bit of cash. In the end, the only one getting hurt is the universities’ bottom line, which shouldn’t bother them considering we are talking about amateur athletes. I, mean, I think we are, aren’t we?

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