Alabama and the College Football Season Preview Magazines

Roll’ Bama Roll does a great job of breaking down the preview mags’ previews of Bama Football. Whew, tongue twister. The biggest indicator is that Bama is going to have a good year is along the offensive line. Phil Steele, the grand-daddy of preview magazine gurus, has three offensive line men on the preseason All-American List including Barrett Jones and D.J. Fluker (Click Here for the entire listing: All-American). Trent Richardson was amazing, but I think that we have some solid backs in Eddie Lacy, TJ, J45, and Dee Hart that would be hyped backs at any other program. Bama football is, and has always been based off of power, that is why John Parker Wilson is our all-time leading passer. Bama just doesn’t throw the rock around that much and when they do it is typically off of a play action pass. Having a solid line will go a long way towards securing our control of the run game which will allow our defense to stay fresh and attacking. As I have said before, the key to this year is to get the offense going enough that they will be able to cover some of the gaps the defense will inevitably have with so much turnover. In 2010 that didn’t happen and we lost some games we should have won. The defense won’t be able to do it all this year. Read the link below and you will get your cheat sheet for how good Bama is predicted at being this year.



Alabama and the College Football Season Preview Magazines – Roll ‘Bama Roll.

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