goodbye good friend, BCS

The BCS, for all of its faults, did provide the ultimate regular season with a ginormous one game playoff. The debates were endless and the conversations from some seasons continue to spill over into subsequent years and even decades in some cases (’03 OU/LSU/ USC debate). I have one question to ask the general public, how many times did the BCS system get it wrong? Did we, the college football fan, feel cheated by who was named champion? Anyone left out had a good reason to be left out of the game whether it be a bad loss, late season loss, or weak schedule (see Hawaii ’07). I really can’t think of one game that I wanted to see played that the BCS system denied me of watching. Often teams collapsed at the right time for the system to be preserved, but it made it close enough that the pundits would jibber jabber about it until the next season ROLLed (TIDE) around. Next to the games, the commentary and endless debates are what keeps us all engaged in the college football spectacle.

One of the primary victims of the playoffs, which people are not talking about right now, are the championship games especially the SEC Game. The SEC game has, in effect, been a playoff game for the past six national champions. Only one has had two teams title hopes pinned to it (FL/AL ’09), but it was another game that the eventual champ had to get through before going to the promised land, well except Bama last year (oops). Remember the field goal that almost didn’t happen in ’09 during Texas v. Nebraska? What about when Texas Longhorns knocked K-State out of the BCS national championship?  What about a younger Nick Saban upsetting Fat Phil Fulmer and his Tennessee Vols derailing their title hopes? I am sure that we would have seen similar things from the Big Ten and Pac-12 if they had started their games up more than a year ago. What is even more disappointing about the playoff starting now is the aforementioned conferences did just start their championship game. Think of all of the meaningful league championship games we are going to miss. I promise you they won’t be as special without the national title game on the line in some cases. Instead it will just be a trip to the four team playoff. Good prize yes, but it is hard to get as pumped for your team to beat a good team and then have to win two more games to get to the ‘chip. Even more, last point on the champ games, are we going to have any more perfect seasons? LSU was disgusting last year, but had to play Bama twice and ended up losing their last game. How is a team going to go perfect? I just don’t think it will be possible. Perfect seasons are an amazing part of college football that I will truly miss. While I enjoyed the ’11 Alabama Crimson Tide championship team, they will never come close to the perfect ’09 team. Never.

Here is a great article that inspired this post. It has a similar feel but brings up some spectacular points.

Please check it out.

The BCS Funeral – The Triangle Blog – Grantland

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