1998- The BCS Begins

Peerless Price smoking FSU


For all fans of Bill Simmons, 1998 was the prime example of the Ewing Theory in practice with Tennessee. Tee Martin, the senior and former back-up to the legendary Peyton Manning, took the Vols and Fat Phil to the newly created BCS promised land. I was a young man at the time, but I do remember the excitement surrounding the BCS championship game. Poetically, the previous year had a split National Championship between Michigan and Nebraska, and 1998 was supposed to usher in the Highlander era in which there could be only one. Tennessee came into the game as an perceived underdog and ended up dispatching FSU with relative ease. I vaguely remember Peerless Price (one of the best CFB names ever) running rampage over the FSU secondary on the way to the Crystal Ball. In the end, in my first BCS Playoff Redux, I say that Tennessee wins again. Ohio State may have felt they were robbed of a chance to play in the game, but looking at how Ohio State fared against SEC teams in the past decade plus, I say they still wouldn’t have gone home with the trophy. But also in the end, I still fucking hate Tennessee and wish only bad things for them, but they did have the best team this year. Sorry about the excel formatting, I don’t get paid for this and I don’t feel like inputting all of the stuff again. For an editable excel spreadsheet (to create your own playoff matrix) click on the below link.

BCS Playoff Redo


Championship Pool
#1 Tenn
#2 Florida State
#3 Ohio State
#4 Kansas State
Big East Syracuse
SEC Tenn
Big 12 Texas A&M
Pac 10 UCLA
Big Ten Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconson
ACC Florida State, GA Tech
Non-AQ Tulane
BCS Champion
#1 Tenn
#2 Florida State
#3 Ohio State
#4 Kansas State
Title Game
#1 Tenn
#2 Florida State
Predicted Playoff Winner
All Rankings History and Awards From This Season:
CFB Reference 1998

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