1999- Free Shoes U takes it coast to coast

Florida State 1999 BCS Championship


Peter Warrick and Mike Vick highlighted this season. Vick lead the upstart Hokies to a perfect record and a date with the immensely talented Florida State Seminoles coached by legendary Bobby Bowden. While Vick’s feet kept them in the game, Florida State was too much for the Hokies and they dispatched them with ease. Also of note, Florida State took their pre-season ranking coast to coast which is one of the two times that happened in the BCS (USC ’04). This was also the last year that Peter Warrick decided that he wanted to play football as he had a complete disaster of a NFL career. Still, I guess he somehow avoided making the All-Time bust list, but I am not quite sure how that happened.

In the redux, a strong Nebraska team takes down the feisty VaTech team in the semis to meet Free Shoes in the National Championship game. In the end, FSU still wins in 1999 and so far both actual BCS Champions have held onto the Crystal Ball so far in the Bama Boys CFB Playoff Redux (Click Here for full, editable spreadsheet).


Championship Pool
#1 Florida State
#2 VaTech
#3 Nebraska
#4 Wisconson
Big East VaTech
SEC Alabama
Big 12 Nebraska
Pac 10 Stanford
Big Ten Wisconson
ACC Florida State
Non-AQ Marshall
BCS Champion
Florida State
#1 Florida State
#2 VaTech
#3 Nebraska
#4 Wisconson
Title Game  
#1 Florida State
#3 Nebraska
Predicted Playoff Winner
Florida State
All Rankings History and Awards From This Season:
CFB Reference 1999

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