2000- Boomer Sooner!!!, not so fast my friends

Big Game Bob Stoops

The weird thing about this year was that Oklahoma actually won a big game and the boomer sooner faithful gave him the completely (in hindsight) unfitting nickname “Big Game Bob”. One thing you could always say about Oklahoma after this, at least they won one. They were the ’00’s CFB version of the Atlanta Braves. Making it so close and then sucking down a big one when it mattered. At least the decade started with a lot of promise.

The U Logo

This is the first year where I decided that the status quo would not have stood if there was a playoff in place. Both Miami, with their ungodly talent, and Washington, with their Samoan Warrior at QB, were the hotter teams going in the bowl season. Florida State whimpered out in the BCS game against a feisty, but untalented Oklahoma team, so I don’t think they would have stood much of a chance against the Cane in the semis. Plus, remember that Miami beat them in the regular season which is why there was so much controversy around this season. We have the foresight of what happened in the 2001 season when I say this, but the Canes flat out destroyed everyone the next year. The would have rolled FSU in a 2000. Also, the only loss Miami had was to Washington, early in the year in a weird game with Northwestern weather and clouds. That only probably distracted the Canes who are no doubt used the South Beach weather. Rematch? Yep, it would have been the original Bama-LSU rematch for the championship and I think the loser of the first game will again end up on top with the Canes squeaking out a win against streaking Huskies, who would have dispatched the Sooners in the Semis.

Could this be the start of a Cane’s Three Peat in the BCS Redux? Only time will tell.

Editable BCS Playoffs Redux File (Excel)

Championship Pool
#1 Oklahoma
#2 Florida State
#3 Miami
#4 Washington
Big East Miami
SEC Florida
Big 12 Oklahoma
Pac 10 Oregon, Oregon State, Washington
Big Ten Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern
ACC Florida State
Non-AQ Colorado State
BCS Champion
#1 Oklahoma
#2 Florida State
#3 Miami
#4 Washington
Title Game
#3 Miami
#4 Washington
Predicted Playoff Winner
All Rankings History and Awards From This Season:
CFB Reference 2000

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