Top Ten Plays of Saban Era (5 – 7)

7. Javier Arenas’ Punt Return TD v. LSU

I know that Alabama lost this game versus LSU, but I do not know if I have ever felt Bryant-Denny more alive than when he was taking this to the house. The stadium erupted when he broke through the first wall of defenders and the rest is history. Plus, what kind of top plays list would this be if it didn’t have Javi, the best punt returner in Alabama football history! Javi, Javi, Javi!!!!!

6. Trent shaking Ole Miss D

Trent was the offense for Alabama’s national championship run in 2011. He had big runs against Auburn and LSU (BCS Game) too, but this one just showed everybody what Trent Richardson’s level of talent looked like. I feel bad for the Ole Miss defender that was trying his hardest to stop Trent, but it just wasn’t going to happen. In a lot of ways, this run was a sequel to this one.

6. Julio Jones breaks a big one v. LSU

Patrick Peterson was beast, but he needed a break against big ol’Julio in the fourth quarter at Bryant-Denny. Too bad for him Julio Jones doesn’t take breaks and took advantage of Peterson’s absence to break a game changing play. The stars were out that night in Bryant-Denny and Julio showed why he was one of Alabama football’s brightest of all-time. Not to mention I love how Julio runs like he is in the last quarter mile of the Kentucky Derby when he is running to pay dirt.

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