Top Ten Saban Era Plays (2-4)

4. Marcell Darius To Da House

Mack Brown is not even in Coach Saban’s league. Who calls a shovel pass in your own territory with 3 seconds left in the half with your BACKUP QUARTERBACK? An idiot, that’s who. Marcell Darius showed his crazy athletic ability by spinning, stiff arming and sprinting into the end zone to set up Texas for the Mark Ingram death kiss in the second half. I couldn’t believe my eyes when this play was happening and it always brings a smile to my face. They play good high school football in Texas, I hear at least, but they could use to learn a couple things from Alabama in college football. RMFT.

3. Matt Cadell Catches Walk-Off TD

This play may seem out of place, but that is only if Coach Saban has made you forget that Mike Shula existed. Never in his four years at Alabama did Mike Shula ever coach a team that pulled off a fourth quarter comeback. Coach Saban changed that in his first home SEC game and gave Alabama football fans a glimpse of the Decade of Dominance to come. I was at the game and the girl in the row above me jumped into my arms (I was holding her up like she had just scored the TD) and was screaming. I didn’t know the girl. I guess it just seemed like the logical thing to do at the time. RMFT.

2. Roy Upchurch seals “The Comeback”

After Julio Jones converted every third down on this drive, Greg McElroy dumped a pass off on beautifully executed play to keep Bama undefeated in 2009. There isn’t really much to say about this except legendary plays against the Cow School in Iron Bowls are never forgotten and I won’t ever forget this one or where I was. RMFT.

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