Bama Rookies- Mark Barron

Still Crushin' In the NFL

Still Crushin’ In the NFL

Player: Mark Barron

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Drafted:  RD 1    PK 7

Contract:  4 YRs  14.5 Million Dollars

Games Played: 16


Tackles: 88
Interceptions: 1
Passes Defended: 10
Forced Fumbles: 1
Stuffs: 5


Mark Barron literally busted onto the NFL scene last year with bone crushing hits against opposing players. While he didn’t blow up the stat column  in the Pass Defense categories, he was an effective force against the run and a physical presence all over the field. Later in the year, there were some grumblings from the Bucs faithful that Barron was limiting their defense and that he was struggling against the pass. Both complaints were valid as he was struggling, but it should have expected  he would struggle as a young safety in the NFL. Most young safeties do struggle early in their careers, including Earl Thomas and Eric Berry, and later become elite safeties in the NFL. Too bad they can’t track the effects of his physical intimidation, he would have been one of the league leaders in “Scared Opposing Players” or “Opposing Player’s Bells Rung”.


Mark Barron will improve against the pass this year as most second-year safeties do. Look for his interception and passes defended stats to increase. He showed glimpses of becoming an answer to the big, physical tight ends that are becoming the rage in the NFL, and will be in the Pro Bowl in the next year or two. Also with Ray Lewis retired, look for Mark to make a run at the “Scariest MoFo” in the NFL.

Predicted Stats 

Tackles: 95
Interceptions: 3
Passes Defended: 16
Forced Fumbles: 3
Stuffs: 8

Best Highlight:

Mark Barron Kills Steve Smith

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