About Bama Boys

I had the distinct privilege of spending the best football watching years (college) wasted by having Mike Shula as the Crimson Tide’s coach. Whether it was Brodie overthrowing receivers, Ken Darby running up the gut into a wall of defenders, or Spencer Pennington showing up to the game; I became a true Tide fan when there wasn’t much to cheer about. I remember a time that my friends and I could show up to the game ten minutes before kick-off and still find a seat (2003-2006), and when losing seemed to be the new norm for Bama Football. Hell, being the carpet-bagger that I am, I had never seen the Tide beat Auburn (on T.V. or in person) until the 36-0, 2008 game.

What I am trying to say is….I know what it is like to suck. I became a Bama Fan when it wasn’t the most popular thing to do. This isn’t a blog written by a bandwagon fan, so don’t expect it to be fair and balanced because there is only one team in this world that I truly care about and that is the Crimson Tide Football team. They are Alabama’s modern-day militia which fights for the pride of Alabama fans every Saturday throughout the South and beyond every fall. I live and die with the team, it is one my one true sporting passion on this earth.

In closing,

Roll Motherfuckin’ Tide.

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